Metroid Dread’s new trailer shows off a scary Chozo warrior

Cameron Faulkner

The Verge

metroid dread


Nintendo debuted a new trailer for Metroid Dread ahead of its October 8th launch on the Switch. Whereas the E3 2021 trailer was claustrophobic, featuring the E.M.M.I robots that will stalk you throughout the game, this one shows off bigger environments, as well as other enemy types and bosses that you’ll encounter along the way. Notably, Samus goes up against a gigantic living Chozo warrior, one that appears to share a lot in common with Samus in terms of its armor and arsenal. There’s also a boss that looks a bit like Kraid from Super Metroid.

Additionally, the trailer lets you get a glimpse of some new skills that Samus will pick up during the story. There are familiar ones, like the ability to do Samus’ signature screw attack, getting...

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