Meta teases next-generation Quest headset coming in 2023: Is it Quest 3?

Maggie Tillman


Meta teases next-generation Quest headset coming in 2023: Is it Quest 3?

Meta has begun teasing the next-generation version of its cheaper Quest VR headset.

During the company's latest earnings call, CFO Dave Whener said "the next generation of the consumer Quest headset" will release "later next year". CEO Mark Zuckerberg also spoke about the "next generation of our consumer Quest headset". Although he didn't elaborate on the name or specs, one can assume he is speaking about the Meta Quest 3.

Zuckerberg specifically mentioned the Quest 3 in October - when he said it is now in development.

It's also worth noting that, in September, an analyst posted a video purportedly showing CAD renderings of the Quest 3, revealing it'll sit somewhere between the Meta Quest Pro and the previous Quest 2 headset. Other rumours and leaks suggest the Quest 3 could have "pancake lenses" similar to the ones on the Quest Pro and on the Pico headset.

Meta tends to introduce new headsets in the autumn alongside its annual Connect event, so the Quest 3 might make an appearance around Connect 2023. It'll clearly be a budget VR headset compared to the new Quest Pro. However, UploadVR noted Zuckerberg has teased that face and eye tracking are a "big focus". Previously, reports indicated the Meta Quest 3 will not include eye or face tracking as a cost-saving measure - so Meta can keep the price of the Quest 3 down and more affordable for consumers.

Zuckerberg believes the Quest 3 will likely cost $300 to $500 price range. Keep in mind the Quest 2 started at $299.

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