Meta reveals its most advanced headset yet

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Meta reveals its most advanced headset yet

At Meta Connect 2022, Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the Meta Quest Pro. 

The company says it has taken everything it has learnt from its efforts with the Meta Quest 2 and crafted a headset that'll help bring the Metaverse to life.

The aim is to help people to connect more easily and collaborate with others while being "more present, more productive and more you". 

  • 256 GB storage, 12 GB RAM and a Snapdragon XR2+ processor
  • Snapdragon 662 mobile processor per controller
  • Adjustable IPD range: 55-75 mm

The Meta Quest Pro promises better-quality graphics and a comfortable headset that offers richer ways to communicate. 

The Meta Quest Pro has a number of upgrades to make it appealing including next-generation optics, enhanced touch controllers, mixed reality integration and more. 

Meta says the Quest Pro is the first in a new line of headsets the company is planning. With new technologies designed to help you do more in the Metaverse. It's built for collaboration and creativity and is seemingly an interesting alternative to the HTC Vive Focus 3

The headset offers the "sleekest form factor yet" with a super thin set of pancake lenses at the front. These lenses work by folding light several times in order to make the display 40 per cent thinner than the Quest 2. The Quest Pro also has an LCD screen which offers 37 per cent more pixels per inch than the Quest 2, that's four times the resolution. It's also said to have 75 per cent more contrast, with richer and more vibrant colours. 

At the rear, there's a curved cell battery setup that's said to help the headset be perfectly balanced and comfortable to wear.

The headset has an open design that lets you see the world around you, offering up opportunities for mixed-reality use. Alternatively, you can use the light-blockers to enjoy a more immersive experience.

The Quest Pro is also the first headset to use the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor, that's specially optimised for VR. That setup means 50 per cent more processing power than the Quest 2. 

That's not all though, as Meta says the controllers included with the Quest Pro are also packed full of tech. The Meta Quest Pro touch controllers have three cameras each along with a Snapdragon 662 mobile processor per controller. This enables the controllers to track their own movement without relying on the headset, allowing for a 360-degree range of motion. 

Improved haptics in the controllers gives a wider range of more precise feedback. Whatever you're doing. There's even a stylus that can be added to the controllers to turn them into tools for writing or sketching in VR.

For convenience, the Meta Quest Pro also comes with its own charging dock for both the headset and the controllers, so it's always ready to go when you need it. 

Meta says it's also upgraded the front-facing cameras for better passthrough and used in mixed reality too. There are inward-facing cameras to properly translate your facial expressions into the Metaverse and beyond.  

Meta Quest Pro is available for pre-order now for $1,499 or £1,499 and is shipping 25 October.

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