Logitech G FITS Gaming Earbuds Leak



Logitech G FITS Gaming Earbuds Leak

Back in October 2020, Logitech launched the Ultimate Ears UE FITS earbuds, with its unique feature being custom moldable tips. This in itself wasn't something new, but the trick here was that it could be done at home, using built in LEDs in the earbuds that warmed out the gel-like material, something referred to as Lightform Technology. Now it looks like Logitech is about to launch an updated version of the FITS under its Logitech G gaming brand, based on a leak from 91mobiles. The overall design remains the same from what we can tell from the pictures, although we don't know if anything has changed on the inside.

What we do know is that the Logitech G FITS will come with a USB dongle, as well as what looks like a USB-A to USB-C adapter, so the G FITS can be used with both PCs and consoles, in addition to phones and tablets. The UE FITS have dropped significantly in price since launch, as they now retail for around US$179, versus US$249 at launch. We'd expect Logitech to charge slightly more for the G FITS, due to the inclusion of the USB dongle.

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