LG introduces several OLED Evo, QNED Mini LED & 8K displays with new AI imaging processors at CES

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LG introduces several OLED Evo, QNED Mini LED & 8K displays with new AI imaging processors at CES

LG introduces several OLED displays with new AI imaging processors at CES

LG has revealed its newest line of displays for 2022 and beyond. LG has created several new technological options for their newest line of OLED, QNED, and UHD televisions, utilizing the newest processors to offer increased blacks, reformulated displays, and several various sizes for a wide variety of consumers.

LG 2022 displays will usher in new display technologies, utilizing OLED, QNED, and UHD for above premium picture quality and several sizes for any situation

LG first revealed their new OLED Evo line, which is set to showcase their newest 97-inch G2 4K display. TechRadar notes that the new display is not the largest panel the world has seen, but it is considered a formidable competitor with its premium image quality.

LG introduces several OLED displays with new AI imaging processors at CES 2

The company also revealed their newest 42-inch LG42C2 4K OLED panel. The biggest draw to this 4K OLED model is the fact that it is smaller than most premium quality OLED displays, which will allow for more accessibility from gamers who need a smaller form factor with ultimate picture quality while playing some of their newest and favorite next-gen console games.

LG has increased the brightness on their Gallery line of OLED Evo panels. This is due to the use of a brand-new heat dissipation system built into the panel displays, as well as the new Alpha 9 (a9) 5th Gen processor in the higher-end displays. The newest a9 technology offers AI upscaling, which takes lower quality images and increases them to the full 4K resolution quality. Added with tone mapping, which is now stretched from 576 zones across an amazing 5,000 zones, along with AI object enhancement, LG is set to offer a much more immersive experience with the ability to separate both backgrounds and foregrounds simultaneously at amazingly fast speeds.

LG introduces several OLED displays with new AI imaging processors at CES 3

Sound quality has also improved—now offering a virtual audio up-mix of the newest 7.1.2 surround sound, which is an increase from the 5.1 surround sound offered from last year's models. The company has recognized that thin displays primarily offer less than subpar audio, and has worked to increase the quality of their newest displays. And, if you are looking for an even greater audio experience, LG is revealing a brand-new soundbar that places an up-firing speaker directly on the top of the soundbar to increase vocal quality.

LG's G2 premium display series offers an upgraded chassis by offering a consistent thickness throughout the panel, only thinning the bottom third of the display to offer a better consistency when hanging on a wall. LG's G2 display now is comparable to a hanging picture with its newest aesthetic changes.

LG introduces several OLED displays with new AI imaging processors at CES 4

The company's C2 series will now utilize a new composite fiber material frame, creating a more lightweight display when compared to last year's model.

The A2 OLED series from LG will be left out with the remainder accessing a new 120Hz refresh rate, perfect for streaming high-quality pictures and premium gaming experiences.

Ulanoff also witnessed LG's Z2 model, boasting 88-inches in screen size and amazing clarity from any angle. The author mentions that it is an improvement in image quality since it was hard to detect the individual pixels on the screen, but on the 97-inch 4K panel, he was able to spot the pixels from an inch away from the screen.

TechRadar also gained access to LG's newest 77ZX gaming display, offering an amazing 8K resolution while gaming. The 77ZX is compatible with NVIDIA's G-Sync technology and also offers HDMI 2.1 with 48Gbps of full throughput on the display.

LG is not just focusing on their technological display upgrades. The company is working diligently to offer unique updates to those who are not concerned about the image quality on the display. Offering upgrades like Always Ready, allowing users to showcase rotating galleries of images or even a clock when not in use. LG is also offering WebOS 22, and upgraded version of WebOS, on all of their newest smart televisions, which will allow for multiple user profiles for customized content. The integration of far-field microphones will help to distinguish the user and their profile with the use of a set of wake words, such as, “Hey, LG.”

LG is planning to add Room to Room Share to compatible LG televisions in the second half of 2022, giving users the ability to wirelessly connect multiple LG displays through the home's Wi-Fi network.

With LCD displays continuing to outsell the more expensive OLED displays, LG will update their 4K QNED line, which offers an updated Quantum Dot technology. This new technology takes the nano cell and creates an emissive layer from it.

Mini LEDs give displays more control of black levels and dampen haloing in a discrete setting. LG's 8K displays have an amazing 2,400 local dimming zones on their screens.

Currently, there are no definite pricing and availability details, but LG is expected to release these details during this first quarter of 2022.

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