LG Gave Up on Phones to Make Indoor Gardening Equipment

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LG Tiiun indoor garden


In 2021, LG shut down its once-flourishing smartphone business to focus on other things. Now, it looks like the company wants to ring in the new year by helping people’s herbs and flowers flourish with an all-new LG indoor gardening gadget.

The company typically debuts new smartphones at the annual CES tradeshow each year, but for 2022 something else is coming. Ahead of the official unveiling in early January, LG recently announced the LG Tiiun, which means “to sprout” in Korean. This unique concept is now an actual product, and it’s a freestanding fridge-like gardening machine that makes it easy for novice gardeners to cultivate herbs, flowers, vegetables, and more from their home, inside, any time of the year.

LG’s new indoor garden isn’t as fancy as its LG Wing smartphone. Still, the Tiiun garden can regulate the temperature, lighting, and humidity, which creates the perfect environment to grow crops. It’s almost like something out of a sci-fi movie, and I’m waiting for Matt Damon to show me how to grow potatoes as he did on Mars in that one movie.

LG Tiiun indoor garden lights


Did LG give up on phones to make gardening equipment? All jokes aside, it’s interesting to see LG go from creating some of the most unique and innovative smartphones to showing the world its new indoor garden. But hey, if you’re working from home, this could be a fun hobby.

According to the press release, the LG Tiiun instantly creates the perfect growing environment. Gardeners can use its seed pods that include seeds and a growing element, allowing owners to produce crops, including flowers, in as little as four weeks.

Each shelf can hold up to six all-in-one seed pods, with each seed package containing ten holes for seed germination. LG says even the most novice gardeners can grow various greens simultaneously, although some may take upwards of eight weeks. Either way, LG states that the equipment makes it faster than growing outside.

Users will notice the machine automatically regulating temperature, light, and more to mimic the natural cycles of the day. And with an automatic intelligent watering system, the process should be easy enough that anyone can do it. Additionally, The Tiiun is compatible with LG’s ThinQ mobile app, giving owners more ways to check on their crops. Before you know it, you’ll be an avid indoor gardener.

With the transparent window on the door, users can easily see inside to track progress without interrupting the environment. It may look like a wine cooler or mini-fridge at first glance, but a lot is going on inside the new LG Tiiun Indoor Garden. We can expect to learn more about pricing and its release date at CES or in early 2022.

Source: LG Newsroom

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