LG Display is showcasing its new Transparent OLEDs at CES 2022

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LG Display is showcasing its new Transparent OLEDs at CES 2022

Although multiple brands have pulled out of the in-person CES 2022 event, the Omicron scare is not stopping companies from showing off their latest innovations to the public. LG Display, for instance, has already announced that it will be showing off its new transparent OLED screens at CES 2022. Over the years, we’ve seen brands show off multiple types of OLED displays. We’ve seen flexible OLED panels, foldable displays, and now LG Display is showing off its transparent OLED panels. We’ve seen transparent displays before, but the use-cases shown by LG Display for these transparent panels are quite unique.

LG Display, one of the largest manufacturers of display panels in the world has announced (via The Verge) that it will showcase its latest innovations — transparent OLED panels — at CES 2022 early next year. LG Display is coming up with unique use cases for these transparent OLED panels. The company has demonstrated various scenarios where the tech could be implemented with specific products designed for them.


LG Display OLED Shelf

The OLED Shelf is essentially two 55-inch transparent OLED panels stacked on top of each other. There’s also a shelf at the top, as the name may suggest, making it an ideal product for a living room. Given that there are two screens, one can stream different content on each screen, such as media on one and art on the other. Just like on some modern-day phones, the TV also has an always-on display that can show portraits and paintings persistently throughout the day. Since the screens are transparent, you can even hang an actual painting behind the TV that would be visible when the screens are turned off. The shelf at the top will make the unit blend-in with the rest of the living room aesthetics.

These transparent displays can also have commercial uses as per LG Display. One of them is its Shopping Managing Showcase. It’s meant to be placed in front of actual products, like in a clothing store. This way, certain elements can be added on the display corresponsding to the products showcased behind it.

LG transparent Show Window

Shopping Magazine Showcase

Show Window is another such product for shops and businesses that tries to replace conventional windows. When mounted on a wall, products can be kept behind it to replicate a traditional scenario where products are displayed outside a shop behind windows. Some elements like texts and ads can be added on the display to improve the product showcase. The product is apparently already being used in several shops across the globe.

Just like the Show Window, LG Display will be showcasing a Smart Window for office environments. It’s essentially a screen that can be used for conferencing, displaying various attributes, presentations, and also for entertainment, while maintaining a see-through profile. It’s meant to replace the large transparent windows seen in conference rooms, thus eliminating the need for separate devices like TVs and projectors.

LG transparent OLED display

Show Window

While the technology is innovative and the use cases demonstrated by LG seem intelligent, these displays are still prototypes at the end of the day. What this means is that we may never see these displays being made commercially available for the average consumer to buy. However, it’s still nice to see companies try to come up with new ways to innovate and make attractive products.

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