Leaked pics suggest GoPro Hero 11 Mini to launch alongside main camera

Luke Baker


Leaked pics suggest GoPro Hero 11 Mini to launch alongside main camera

It was no surprise to see rumours of GoPro's upcoming Hero 11 Black camera, since the brand tends to launch a product around the same time each year.

But with rumours pointing towards the new camera using the same chassis as the Hero 9 and 10, some people were hoping for something a little different.

Now, leaked pics suggest we might be seeing just that, with the Hero 11 Black Mini expected to launch alongside its full-sized sibling.

The images show a smaller squarer camera that lacks the front and rear displays seen on the full-fat Hero 11 Black.

In place of the front display is a button with the Bluetooth logo on it, presumably used to connect to a smartphone.

Fold-out mounting tabs are found on the base and rear of the Mini, allowing it to be mounted in more ways than the regular camera, without the need for additional accessories.

On the side, there's a single flap, presumably for the battery, which is much smaller than the one on standard GoPros hinting that we might not get the same kind of runtime on the diddy companion.

Fans of GoPro's old Session cameras are sure to be excited by this news, as are FPV drone enthusiasts, as it'll hopefully be a little hardier than the Hero 10 Bones.

That's all the details we have for now, but since the Hero 10 Black launched in September last year, we'll likely find out more before long.

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