Latest Chromecast with Google TV Update Improves Dolby Vision and More

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Chromecast with Google TV with remote

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Those of us with a Chromecast with Google TV can no longer say “it’s been a while since we’ve seen an update.” Google just recently pushed an update that brings a few new quality-of-life updates to the gadget and overall platform improvements to things like Dolby Vision playback.

While it isn’t a major update—pushing just 158MB—the many small things Google addressed here still makes it substantial. One of the most noteworthy update features is improved storage optimization; some users reported seeing up to an extra 300MB. Given the gadget’s limited 8GB storage capacity, a little extra room is always nice to see.

Additionally, users will see some nice quality-of-life platform improvements, like a dedicated “uninstall apps” menu (something that should have already existed, in our opinion), a better DRM video decoding experience, and, of course, better Dolby Vision playback on some apps.

It is disappointing to see that Chromecast with Google TV is still running Android 10, though. Google did update the security patch to the October 2021 version for added security, at least, but we’d love to see it run a more up-to-date OS, especially since the device isn’t that old.

Your device may have updated on its own, but if you’re not seeing it yet, don’t fret. You can manually check and see if the update is available from the Settings menu; from there, go to “System,” then “About,” then “System Update.”

We’re glad to see this update come around now since we hadn’t seen anything from Google here for six months. And the fact that it was only a minor update suggests a more major update could be in the works!

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