Koru offers a gorgeous smart plant pot that's also an air purifier

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The internet of things encompasses a lot of tech that can make our lives simpler, but you don't often come across new ideas that genuinely enrich our home environment. That's a label that you can easily apply to Koru, a new smart air purifier that not only helps you get a healthier home, but also nurtures plant life within it.

Koru's crowdfunding campaign just opened on IndieGoGo, so if you like the look of it you can back the campaign right now and get yourself Koru for as much as 38 percent less than it'll eventually retail at, which is hard to argue with. To find out what makes it so impressive, though, keep reading.

A beautiful pot

First and foremost, Koru is a really pretty design object. While that might not sound too huge, bear in mind that so many connected devices and bits of tech are far from it, filling your home up with utilitarian nightmares that don't fit into many decor plans.

By contrast, Koru comes in any of four colours, with two bases to pick from (beech wood or cork), letting you tailor your pot to suit your home, and its pleasing pastel tones fit really nicely into modern aesthetics. That ring of lighting means you get nice ambient light, too, that's soft and relaxing.

Automated plant care

Koru is a plant pot, but not as you know it - it's AI-powered to specifically care for whatever type of plant you place in it. Using the mobile app, you can set up environments that are tailored to every different plant species, letting your Koru determine when to water the plant, and keeping tabs on how much light it's getting.

This means waving goodbye to the days of withered plants or droopy leaves. Instead, your house plants can thrive all year round. Plus, with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, you can check in on how your plants are doing with just a quick voice command.

High-quality air filtration

On top of keeping your plants healthy, though, Koru is also great for your own wellbeing. It's a high-quality air filter, after all, disguised as a simpler pot. Firstly you get the passive benefits of plants' natural air filtration, but that's massively enhanced by a fan and filtering system.

The PCO filter that's included will keep the air in your room pure and clean, and the filter that it uses is removable and washable, to make sure that you never have to replace it. That saves you from the normally cost-prohibitive side of home air filtration. You can rely on Koru to remove 99 percent of bacteria in the air of even a big room in just a few hours.


With all these benefits, you might worry that Koru isn't going to make a positive impact on the planet in the process of being manufactured, but it's been designed with ecological sustainability in mind right from the start.

Koru is built using recyclable materials, and inside it are well-designed mechanical parts that are easy to disassemble and recycle. On top of this, it makes use of wood and cork for the base, and has extremely low power consumption, the equivalent of just a single LED lamp each year. Add in sustainable shipping and you've got a template that more manufacturers should be following.

If this all sounds like the sort of thing that could brighten up your home, you can check out Koru's campaign and back it yourself here, with Koru pots starting from just $260.00 (save $160 - 38 percent - from the $420 retail price).

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