JVC Debuts High End 8K Laser Projectors That Gamers Will Love

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JVC New 8K Laser Projector


JVC is about to take high-res gaming and movies to the next level with its newest laser projectors. The company just announced an entire line of what it’s calling the world’s first 48Gbps-rated 8K HDMI 2.1 port projector. They can handle up to 120fps gaming at 4K or 60fps gaming at 8K. So imagine the possibilities on your big screen.

If you’d rather sit back and enjoy cinema-quality movies, these projectors have that covered, too, as these support HDR10+ for the first time. This means whether you’re gaming or watching a movie, the picture will look amazing.

To be specific, these new HDMI 2.1 protectors that support 48 Gbps 8K are the JVC DLA-NZ7, NZ8, and NZ9. All three models use JVS’s latest BLUE laser light technology, dynamic HDR10+ standards and offer support for next-gen gaming.


The JVC DLA-NZ9 is the top model, featuring all-glass Ultra-High Contrast Optic, which JVS says will offer higher contrast and a brighter picture than ever before. That glass consists of a 16-group, 18-element all-glass lens with a 100mm diameter.

Buyers don’t need to worry about where to mount the projector, either. This model supports 2x optical zoom and can shift the picture 100-percent in either direction, vertically. In addition, the DLA-NZ9 can project a picture anywhere from 60-300 inches, which means you can game on a massive 8K display.

The other two models don’t offer as much glass in the optics, and the lumen ratings are lower. Still, these are high-end projectors that promise to deliver some amazing 4K or 8K movie and gaming experiences when they hit shelves.

For now, there’s no word on pricing, but we expect the range to start around $6,000 when it arrives in October.

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