Jeep and Razor made an off-road electric scooter

Jon Fingas


Jeep and Razor made an off-road electric scooter

There's still some room for over-the-top electric scooters, apparently. Jeep is partnering with Razor on the RX200, an adult e-scooter designed expressly for off-road use. It's not the fastest machine of its kind with a 12MPH top speed, but the combination of a wide design with 8-inch, air-filled pneumatic tires promises a comfortable and grippy ride on trails — at least, those trails that don't ban vehicles.

You won't venture too far beyond the beaten path with a 40-minute battery life. You might, however, appreciate the Jeep-like styling (shown below) if you want something more rugged-looking (or less flashy) than other e-scooters.

Razor x Jeep RX200 off-road electric scooter rear


The RX200 should be available now through Amazon and Razor's website. We're still waiting on pricing as we write this. However, it's safe to say this is a premium model meant for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who might regularly ride beyond smooth surfaces. Thankfully, it should be far more affordable than Jeep's $5,899 e-bike.

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