Jabra’s New Earbuds Cost $799, and For Good Reason

Cory Gunther

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Jabra Enhance Plus Buds


In August of 2021, Jabra announced the new Enhance Plus, a pair of wireless earbuds capable of enhancing hearing at a more affordable price than typical hearing aids. Finally, after months of waiting, the company announced its Jabra Enhance Plus would be available later this month for $799.

The Jabra Enhance Plus true wireless earbuds aren’t a full hearing replacement device, as those often cost upwards of $5,000. Instead, they are small, comfortable, lightweight true wireless earbuds that can enhance voices for those hard of hearing.

These 3-in-1 earbuds are perfect for listening to music or taking calls, just like any earbuds, but thanks to medical-grade hearing tech built-in, they offer what many others don’t. The Enhance Plus buds are engineered to help those with mild to moderate hearing loss, and they’re even 510(k)-cleared with FDA as a “self-fitting hearing aid.”


Essentially, Jabra’s new Enhance Plus buds can increase volumes and pump in sound from around you, all while enhancing speech and tuning out background noise simultaneously. In addition, the Jabra Enhance Plus features an IP52 water/dust-resistant rating and comes with three flexible and adjustable tips for a snug fit in the wearers’ ears.

Buyers can use them as a standard set of earbuds for music and calls or use one of several different listening modes to improve hearing. For example, the adaptive mode will enhance sounds for you, while the focus mode can cut out background noise and focus on a specific sound or person talking. Then, Surround mode doesn’t worry about voices and enhances all the sounds around you overall.

Jabra says the Enhance Plus true wireless earbuds should last about 10 hours on a single charge, and the case will get you up to 30 hours total. You can get the Jabra Enhance Plus starting on February 25th for $799 from select hearing care clinics across the US.

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