iPhone 15 Pro Offers Up to 24% Faster 5G Download Speeds When Compared to iPhone 14 Pro

Furqan Shahid


iPhone 15 Pro

Now that the iPhone 15 series is here, we are getting to learn more and more about what Apple has added to the latest devices. Sure, the iPhone 15 Pro is very difficult to get your hands on, but if you have just bought one or are going to buy it, the good news is that the phone boasts some of the fastest 5G download speeds based on the latest tests. However, you have to be certain that your network and coverage are up to par because, without that, you might not get the same experience.

The iPhone 15 Pro offers excellent 5G download speeds across all mainstream carriers

Based on the data extracted from iPhone 15 Pro 5G speed tests, it appears that users are going to get a speed boost when downloading content or streaming, but of course, you are going to need coverage for that. The new iPhone 15 lineup comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X70 modem, and new tests show that the Pro models are going to deliver better download speeds when compared to last year's iPhone 14 models.

The source claims that the speeds that the iPhone 15 Pro is able to deliver are considered impressive, to say the least. However, the 5G rollout across the world is not going as planned. This means there are areas where the network works really well, and at the same time, there are areas where the performance is poor. Whatever the case might be, it is obvious that the new iPhones are going to deliver better download speeds. Provided that it is something that you care about and you have good network coverage.

While some might argue that the new iPhones are nothing to write home about, and I have heard some friends call the latest event "underwhelming" in terms of announcements, the statistics show something else entirely. If you are not aware, the iPhone 15 Pro sold out almost instantly after the pre-order pages went live and are now back-ordered all the way until October. It is obvious that Apple has put a lot of thought into the new iPhones, and if you have been waiting to upgrade, now is your time to finally get your hands on the latest device.

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