iPhone 15 Lineup To Go Into Mass Production Later This Month At Foxconn’s Zhengzhou Plant, With A Massive Initial Shipments Goal

Omar Sohail


iPhone 15

Foxconn is reportedly finished with the trial production run of the iPhone 15, which only means that it is prepping to mass produce these models at its main assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China. According to the latest update, the initial shipments goal is substantial, and if Apple is able to maintain a steady supply chain for the remainder of 2023, the technology giant should win big this year.

There were also low yields encountered with the iPhone 15 camera, but those issues have also been dealt with

It was previously stated that both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus would ship with a 48MP main camera, just like the ‘Pro’ models. Unfortunately, there were supposed issues in the three-stacked sensor’s supply chain, resulting in low yields, which could have meant that Apple would have to delay two members of its upcoming flagship iPhone family. Thankfully for the company, those problems have been addressed, so unless there is something completely new, there should not be any production delays.

The initial shipments goal is between 85-90 million units, but Economic Daily News did not provide a breakdown on how many ‘Pro’ and non-Pro models would be produced during the first batch. We believe that Apple would want a higher percentage of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models made since both of them are rumored to ship with more exclusive upgrades, enticing an upgrade from Apple’s customer base and helping the company generate even more revenue.

To help keep up with demand, Foxconn has reportedly increased ‘sign up’ bonuses for new recruits, with the workforce often reaching 200,000 individuals at a time to meet Apple’s stringent targets. For this year, Foxconn is said to exclusively mass produce the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, with Luxshare being brought in as a secondary supplier. However, for 2024, iPhone 16 Pro Max orders are reportedly being taken away from Foxconn as Apple aims to diversify its supply chain to prevent unnecessary disruptions.

Like the iPhone 14 launch, the iPhone 15 series is expected to be unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year, and depending on how popular each model becomes after a few weeks, Apple will adjust those shipments accordingly.

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