iPhone 15 Cases Allegedly Show Up On AliExpress, Live Images Show No Differences Compared To Earlier Models

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iPhone 15 Cases

The iPhone 15 launch is several months away, and if Apple follows the same schedule as it did last year, the new series would be announced in the first week of September. However, before that happens, cases that are allegedly compatible with these future models have started to show up on AliExpress, along with some live images which look identical to iPhone 14 cases.

Minimal changes to iPhone 15 cases mean there is a small possibility that these can fit in the iPhone 14 lineup

Let us talk about the live cases first, with the images uploaded by Twitter user Lusi Roy. As you can see, each case has been labeled, with the pieces sporting a triple rear circular cutout obviously belonging to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. As for the less expensive versions, which can also be seen in the images, you can see a dual-camera cutout. Now all that remains to be seen is if these cases are compatible with the iPhone 14 lineup. Sadly, no evidence was provided by Lusi Roy, so we must wait on that.

iPhone 15 cases show up on AliExpress

iPhone 15 cases show up on AliExpress

iPhone 15 cases show up on AliExpress

iPhone 15 cases show up on AliExpress

If you take a gander at the fourth image, you can easily spot that the speaker grill cutouts at the bottom are not uniform, so once again, Apple will not provide its customer base will a symmetrically designed iPhone lineup. As for the accessories available on AliExpress, ShrimpApplePro provided evidence of their existence through Twitter, and they are available at practically a ‘throwaway’ price, starting from $1.60, but it is pretty obvious that the quality of those iPhone 15 cases will be relatively poor.

All of it for $10 US https://t.co/YgCoNYYHWh pic.twitter.com/s5QehllRYH

— ShrimpApplePro 🍤 (@VNchocoTaco) June 16, 2023

Another thing to mention here is that since the iPhone 15 family is yet to launch, there is no way to tell if these cases are accessories made specifically for Apple’s upcoming flagship models or if they were rebranded iPhone 14 cases. If any of the iPhone 14 models can accommodate these cases seamlessly, it means that the accessories were not legit, but assuming these are not compatible, you can grab yourself an inexpensive piece right to use in your future iPhone 15.

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