IOGEAR launches new gaming peripherals including a KVM at CES 2022

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IOGEAR launches new gaming peripherals including a KVM at CES 2022

IOGEAR is introducing a while range of computer and smartphone peripherals at CES 2022. Among the many accessories announced today, there are some gaming-focused accessories including the “world’s first” gaming KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switch. It also announced new docks, chargers, a new capture card, and more.

Starting with the gaming-focused accessories, there’s the KeyMander Nexus, the aforementioned gaming KVM switch. If you’re not familiar with them, KVM switches allow you to share monitors, audio output, and a keyboard and mouse between different devices. You can connect multiple computers and even a console to the KVM, and have them all use the same peripherals.

IOGEAR KeyMand Nexus

The KeyMander Nexus lets you connect multiple game consoles, like the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch, plus a high-end gaming PC. You can use a keyboard and mouse to control your consoles, or use controllers from one console with a different one, for example. Plus, there’s an Android and iOS app that lets you configure custom key mappings and macros. For video, it supports 4K video at 60Hz with the HDMI 2.1 port, plus it has a built-in DAC for enhanced audio. This will launch in Q2 2022 and cost $199.95.

For streamers and content creators, IOGEAR also announced the UpStream Game Capture Adapter with Party Chat. This is a game capture box that supports up to 4K 30Hz video capture with the USB Type-C port, plus 4K 60Hz HDR, or 1440p at 144Hz and 1080p at 240Hz passthrough, so you can still play your games smoothly or at high resolutions. It also comes with a party chat recording feature for PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles. It will launch in March 2022 and cost $199.95.

IOGEAR UpStream Game Capture Adapter

Rounding out the gaming accessories, IOGEAR also introduced a couple of keyboards at CES 2022, the HVER Stealth and the MechLite Nano. The HVER Stealth is a full-sized gaming keyboard with brown mechanical switches and per-key RGB lighting. It features a “toned down” cosmetic design so it’s not overly flashy. It includes programmable keys and full N-key rollover, and it costs $69.95.

Meanwhile, the MachLite Nano keyboard is a compact 60% keyboard, featuring linear red switches and per-key RGB lighting. The keycaps themselves come in two different colors, and the keyboard also includes a volume control knob for on-the-fly adjustments. It can be connected via Bluetooth with up to three devices, plus it supports wired USB-C connectivity. This will cost $79.95, and both keyboards will launch in the first quarter.

IOGEAR MachLite Nano keyboard

Rounding out the video accessories, there’s the UNIKOMM gaming headset. It’s a wired headset with 50mm drivers that promises “immersive highs and powerful bass”. It has a built-in boom mic, and it uses a single 4-pole connector or you can use the included Y-splitter for PCs with separate audio jacks. This will launch on Q1 2022 for $29.95.

Moving on to other accessories, IOGEAR introduced new range extenders for video signals at CES 2022, which are quite interesting. First, there’s a “long range” wireless splitter/receiver set (GWLRSSKIT4K). This allows you to connect one or multiple PCs to the transmitter, which can then wireless transmit the video signal to the receiver, which you can connect to a monitor, as well as a keyboard and mouse. You can connect up to four transmitted to a receiver, or vice versa, so you can either be sending a signal to different displays or connecting multiple inputs to the same display.

IOGEAR Long Range 4K Wireless Extender GWLRSSKIT4K

IOGEAR says the wireless signal can reach up to 600 feet (182 meters), though that will obviously vary depending on obstructions that may be in the way. It supports video up to 4K at 30Hz, and promises latency as low as 6ms. This will launch in Q1 2022 and cost $299.95.

Then there’s a 4K video extender over Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet (GVE4K60). This is a similar kit, but it uses a wired Ethernet connection instead. It supports up to 4K 60Hz video, and a single extender can add a range of 230 feet (70 meters) to the signal. You can chain multiple extenders, which add 165 feet (50 meters) each. You can use this to connect multiple display outputs to the same source, as each extender also has an HDMI port that can output the video signal while also passing it along to another receiver. This kit will launch in Q1 2022 for $169.95.

ASUS 4K Video Extender over LAN GVE4K60

Next up, IOGEAR announced some new USB-C docking solutions for PCs at CES 2022. The first is the USB-C universal Quad 4K Docking station (GUD3C4K4). This dock connects via USB Type-C (seemingly not Thunderbolt), and it adds up to four display outputs – with your choice of DisplayPort or HDMI for each of those outputs – three USB Type-A data ports, one USB Type-A charging port, USB Tpe-C, gigabit Ethernet, a 3,5mm headphone jack, and an SD card slot. It can be powered by the included 120 power adapter so it also charges a connected laptop, or with a 100W USB Type-C brick.

Then there’s a USB Type-C Docking Station Stand (GUD3C4K1LS). This is a stand that can raise your laptop at an angle so it’s more comfortable while also providing more airflow. It also connects via USB Type-C to add some ports, though, like HDMI, USB Type-A, USB Type-C for charging and data, and Gigabit Ethernet. The stand itself can be adjusted and folded so it’s easy to store. Both products will launch in March, but pricing wasn’t revealed.

IOGEAR USB Laptop Stand and Docking Station GUD3C4K1LS

On to KVM switches, there are a couple of new ones aside from the aforementioned KeyMander Nexus. First, the 2-Port HD HDMI KVM (GCS32HU) lets you connect up to two computers to the same monitor, keyboard and mouse. It’s small enough that it doesn’t require external power, though it only supports 1080p video (technically up to 1920 x 1200 resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio). it will launch in March for $59.95.

There’s also the more advanced 2-port 4K HDMI KVM Switch with Audio (GCS92HU), which is similar, but more capable. It supports up to Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) video, and it also includes audio input and output built-in so you can also connect the same headset to both computers. This will also launch in March for $99.95.

Finally, there are a couple of GaN chargers. One is a simple and compact 20W USB Type-C power adapter for smartphones, which costs $14.95 (without a cable). There’s also a 100W GaN charger, which can be used for smartphones and laptops. It costs $45.95 and both of these will launch in March 2022.

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