Intel’s unreleased Core i9-12900K processor goes on sale early

Tom Warren

The Verge

Intel’s Core i9-12900K hasn’t even been officially announced yet. | Image: Seby9123

Intel hasn’t even officially announced its new Core i9-12900K processor, but it’s already been sold by a retailer. The unreleased CPU is expected to be the flagship for Intel’s new line of Alder Lake processors, offering a chance to reclaim the performance crown from AMD.

A Reddit poster, spotted by Techspot, managed to purchase two Core i9-12900K processors in retail packaging from an unnamed retailer for $610 per CPU. A similar mix-up happened earlier this year, when retailers started selling Intel’s Rocket Lake CPUs nearly a month before their launch.

This unreleased CPU is useless without a new motherboard

The Reddit poster has published a number of photos of the unreleased Core i9-12900K processor in its retail packaging, which...

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