Intel Arc A30M PRO Discrete Workstation Mobility GPU Confirmed By Dell

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Intel Arc A30M PRO Discrete Workstation Mobility GPU Confirmed By Dell

Website ITHome recently posts the first arrival of the Intel ARC A30M PRO workstations sold by Dell in their Dell Precision 5470 systems

Intel Arc A30M PRO Workstation GPUs confirmed by Dell Precision 5470 leaflet featuring A30M PRO discrete graphics cards

This information confirms that Intel will reveal the ARC workstation GPUs very soon. The name of ARC A30M PRO is typically seen used for Dell's Precision series, and now in the new 5470 model, which sports a 14-inch setup showcasing a 16:10 screen size. This further information was discovered by @9550pro on Twitter earlier this last week. The Tweet from @9550pro on Twitter is below.

intel Arc A30m Pro

— HXL (@9550pro) March 27, 2022

The new mobile workstation laptop offers up to 14-core Alder Lake Core i9-12900H processors, which would conclude that we are seeing the premium, high-performance portable workstations.

Source: ITHome

The ARC A30M discrete graphics card will be an additional option presented in tandem with the NVIDIA A1000 4 GB discrete GPU. This discrete GPU from NVIDIA will be the current workstation Ampere graphics card that NVIDIA released last Tuesday.

Intel will be revealing its A370M series soon, based on the entry-level Alchemist blueprint. The company is assuring a 2x increase in performance primarily through architectural improvements. The A370M is anticipated to have 96 EUs similar to the current Iris Xe GPU. Since Intel's integrated GPUs are planned to see use in budget laptops globally, increasing performance by twice the amount would benefit the gaming community.

On Intel's website, a diagram illustrates a section of the ARC design for their graphics card architecture. This diagram from Intel was discovered and posted on Twitter by another well-known leaker, @momomo_us. The blue team establishes and concludes some previous whispers that ARC is based on their Gen 12.7 architecture.

GPU Architecture Terminology for Intel Xe Graphics

— 188号 (@momomo_us) March 27, 2022

Intel will launch the new ARC Alchemist discrete GPUs at the end of this month on March 30th. The launch by Intel will primarily concentrate on discrete laptop graphics cards such as the A370M and A350M, which are both founded on lower power-efficient DG2-128EU GPUs. Currently, it is unknown if Intel's new workstation laptop GPUs will also release at the same time.

Source: Intel

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