Innr introduces own Zigbee smart lighting bridge

Rik Henderson


Innr has long offered a cost-effective smart lighting system that rivals Philips Hue.

Innr's smart bulbs come in many shapes and sizes, with colour and white light options, but have previously required a third-party hub to operate. That could be a Philips Hue bridge, or Alexa or Google Assistant hub.

Now though, it has launched its own Zigbee bridge that can connect all its smart lighting devices, whether they are from its Wi-Fi range or Zigbee-enabled. It is also designed to work with other compatible brands.

It runs in conjunction with a new Innr smartphone app and can control up to 30 lights. If you need more to be connected, you can simply add another Innr Bridge.

They will also show on the Innr app, regardless of which bridge they are controlled through. And, if you connect the new device to a Zigbee-enabled mesh network, you don't have to worry about their connection status - they will even work if your internet service goes down.

In the near future, Innr will add compatibility for its switches, while presence detectors are in the pipeline to switch your lights on and off automatically when you enter and exit a room.

This could also be good for external lighting too.

The Innr Bridge is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts. It is priced at £34.99 and will be available on soon.

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