Ikea's Asus ROG gear hits the UK and US soon

Max Freeman-Mills


It's been just a shade over a year since Ikea and Asus first announced they were working together on a line of gaming accessories and furniture, and after a launch in China earlier this year, the various items in the range are finally going to be available in the US and UK.

The range will debut on 1 October 2021, in just a few weeks, and make it dead easy to outfit your gaming space like a pro streamer, without having to source things from a variety of different sellers.

There are absolutely loads of items in the range, which is comprised of six different families of products. Only one of those families, Uppspel, has actually been worked on with Asus, while the others are just things that Ikea's been able to make using its own expertise.

You can find gaming chairs, desks, PC stands, accessories holders and way, way more, so it'll be worth checking out the Ikea website at the start of October to see what you might be able to add to your setup.

In classic Ikea style, of course, much of it is extremely reasonably priced, with items starting from just £7.50 - admittedly, many of them are things you might not need to replace, like a water bottle, but still - it's great that more affordable options are coming to the space.

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