Ikea launches a portable wireless charger, but only in Germany for now

Luke Baker


The renowned purveyor of flat-packed frustration has launched a new gadget, the Nordmärke portable wireless charger.

According to a report from Mobiflip, the charger has seen a silent launch and is exclusive to Germany, for the time being.

The new device is Qi-certified and has a 6500mAh lithium-ion battery inside. It charges via USB-C and has LED indicators on the side for showing its current battery level.

Unfortunately, it only puts out 5 watts of wireless charging power. It'll get the job done just fine, but with Samsung phones accepting up to 10W wirelessly and iPhones accepting 7.5W, a little more wattage would have been nice to see.

As is typical in 2021, it doesn't appear that this device comes with a wall adapter. The USB-A to USB-C cable and adapter are shown on the packaging with "Excl." printed next to them. So it would seem the device itself is the only thing included.

The device features aesthetics typical of Ikea electronics and somewhat resembles the Symfonisk speakers, with a white plastic shell and grey fabric top.

Strangely, Ikea seems to have made this device available in their Cologne stores without listing them on the website. So we're not sure if or when this device may be made available in other parts of the world.

The Nordmärke branding can be found across many of Ikea's wireless chargers, but this is the first time we have seen a portable option. The range globally includes a selection of desktop charging pads in various fabric and cork finishes as well as a desktop stand with a bamboo base.

 The Nordmärke portable wireless charger can be had for 20 Euros if you happen to live near Cologne, otherwise, we just have to wait and see if it launches elsewhere.

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