iFixit Now Sells Genuine Pixel 6a Parts

Andrew Heinzman

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iFixit Now Sells Genuine Pixel 6a Parts

Earlier this year, Google and iFixit teamed up to sell genuine replacement parts for new and old Pixel phones. These authentic parts allow you to fix your Pixel phone at home, without the servicing fees of a repair shop. And now, iFixit offers genuine parts for the Pixel 6a.

These Pixel 6a parts are accompanied by repair guides, which explain how to replace a Pixel 6a’s cameras, display, battery, and more.

Here are all the genuine Pixel 6a parts available at iFixit:

Obviously, some of these parts are a bit expensive. A screen replacement kit (which includes a bunch of handy tools) will run you $100. But these are genuine replacement parts—they’re more reliable than third-party options, and they’re certified by Google. (Plus, if you already own a bunch of tools, you can buy individual parts at a discount and skip the kit.)

Note that iFixit also sells genuine parts for Samsung smartphones, the Valve Steam Deck, and the HTC Vive headset. Plus, it recently published a teardown of the Meta Quest Pro, a controversial new VR headset that scored poorly in our review.

iFixit Genuine Pixel 6a Screen Replacement

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