IDC Reports PC Monitor Shipments Decline In Q4 2022 To Record Low, Rebound Expected In 2024

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Reports of stagnant shipments from manufacturers to retailers due to the lack of purchasing from consumers have plagued almost every market, especially when building a PC from scratch or updating parts, such as a monitors. Recently, the International Data Corporation, or IDC, has watched the PC Monitor market closely and looked at the top five PC display manufacturers to examine the fourth quarter unit market share, releasing the information in an easy-to-swallow analysis of the PC monitor segment.

Fourth-quarter shipments of PC monitors in 2022 drop to the lowest recorded percentage by IDC

The IDC found that computer display shipments acquired an 18.3% year over year in 2022's fourth quarter. This revealed a decline in the last year of nearly six percent for 2022. The polled unit amount was over 30.5 million displays, which is reported to be the lowest the firm has seen this market drop since their initial tracking, which began in 2008. The IDC shows that Dell Technologies, HP Inc., Lenovo, TPV, and Samsung witnessed a 16.2% decline in overall shipments in last year's quarter.

IDC Reports PC Monitor Shipments Decline In Q4 2022 To Record Low, Rebound Expected In 2024 2

This is not surprising to the firm and the media as several manufacturers lose sales towards the end of 2022, leading into 2023. The decline across the board is due to the change in the market from the events of working in a remote setting during the pandemic to being asked to return to workplaces. Companies affected by the economic losses during those years found that creating newer technology would be more expensive to gather supplies and manufacture parts. We are in an economic slump again due to regional blocks set by US and China, creating another drop in sales as parts and units are unavailable or available at high costs to consumers.

Monitors will remain an afterthought for many buyers in the short term. Annual volume had averaged about 125 million before COVID-19, then shot up to over 135 million for each of the past three years. It will take a while for the dust to settle. Consumer and businesses are recalibrating their priorities, but we remain confident that much of the recently expanded installed base will be enticed to upgrade in the coming years.

— Jay Chou, IDC's Worldwide Client Device Trackers research manager

IDC Reports PC Monitor Shipments Decline In Q4 2022 To Record Low, Rebound Expected In 2024 3

IDC reports that we will see a "slight recovery" as soon as next year, with inventory levels increasing during this time. You can check the IDC official website for more information on IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker or other data the analyst firm examines.

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