HUAWEI Watch D Expected to Launch on December 23

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HUAWEI Watch D Expected to Launch on December 23

HUAWEI has an upcoming event scheduled for December 23rd, where it is expected to launch several new products. One of the products we will see is the new HUAWEI Watch D. HUAWEI has a long history of making some truly exceptional smartwatches, but this year we are going to see something special. This new watch will be HUAWEI’s first watch that features a blood pressure monitor. Here is everything we know about the HUAWEI Watch D so far.

Rumored Details

The only details that are known about this new watch so far are reports that it will feature a precise blood pressure monitor. This will be similar to the one available in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which was the first to introduce this type of monitor. From what we know about HUAWEI Watches in the past, we can expect Watch D to be more affordable in price, than the Galaxy Watch 4.

HUAWEI Watch 3

HUAWEI Watch 3

HUAWEI Watches work best with the HUAWEI Health app. When paired with this app, you’ll be able to keep a detailed history of your blood pressure results and monitor for improvements.

Other than the new blood pressure monitor, we don’t know any of the specs from this watch. Make sure you watch the launch event on December 23rd where you’ll be able to see all of the details on this new watch, as well as other new products from HUAWEI.

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