Huawei Mate Xs 2 to launch on 28 April

Cam Bunton


Huawei Mate Xs 2 to launch on 28 April

Huawei's next foldable smartphone is due to be announced very soon, with the manufacturer announcing on social media that it plans to host a launch event for the Mate Xs 2 on 28 April. 

This will be the follow up model to the Mate X2, although the naming suggests it may follow on in the spirit of the first Mate Xs. By which we mean, it could be a revised, slightly improved version of the Mate X2. Or, it could be a more powerful version of the Mate Xs, which is quite a different device, in that it has a large, flexible display that wraps around the outside of the phone. 

That's merely guesswork on our part, however, based purely on how similar the Mate Xs was to the very first Mate X folding device. Sadly we are reduced to guesswork since very little has been said about the device itself. 

The one thing we can be fairly certain of is that it will be a folding phone, possibly a book-style with a large internal display and a narrow, candybar-like screen on the outside, or - as mentioned - with a large screen around the outside. 

Huawei's efforts in the smartphone market - of course - have been severely hampered by restrictions and the resulting loss of key relationships within the issue. This has meant a huge scaling back in operation in terms of phone production. 

That has also lead to some phones taking months to launch outside of China, with some devices not released in western markets at all. We suspect given that this launch was announced on Weibo, that it will be the same for the Mate Xs 2.

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