Google is reportedly bolstering its hardware division by shifting resources away from its Assistant

Timi Cantisano

XDA Developers

Google is reportedly bolstering its hardware division by shifting resources away from its Assistant

Google has warned employees about impending changes for months, and it has more recently started cutting costs across the company. In September, the firm canceled projects and began winding down its internal incubation project Area 120, and perhaps the biggest story was it shutting down Stadia, its online game streaming service. While more changes are undoubtedly on the horizon, a new report states that Google is shifting its strategy so that it can double down on its hardware division.

The Information by way of Ars Technica reports that while there have been sizeable cuts within the company, but it looks like most of the hardware divisions are safe. In fact, Google has recognized that the tide is turning in the Android market, with even its top competitor, Samsung, slowly losing market share to Apple. Furthermore, Google thinks that it can occupy this space by leveraging its own hardware and doubling down on its Pixel hardware lineup.

Apparently, in order to accomplish this, the firm will shift labor from non-Google devices to focus more on its own products. As for what areas are seeing shifts internally, the report states that there might be adjustments with staff working on Google TV, reassigning them to work on Wear OS and the Pixel Tablet. Furthermore, the report also seems to discuss cuts to teams working on Google Assistant for devices such as TVs, headphones, speakers, and more. As stated before, the bulk of the change will have to do with third-party manufacturers of these kinds of devices.

While this certainly looks bad for manufacturers, some will apparently be supported, like Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus. Unfortunately, that’s a really small number when compared to all of the manufacturers around the world that produce Android products. Of course, these are just reports, so it remains to be seen whether we will see the ramifications of these actions in the near future.

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