Google is Preparing Wear OS Beta Program for the Pixel Watch So You Can Try the Latest Update and Features Ahead of Release

Furqan Shahid


Google Wear OS Beta

It's safe to say that Google's beta program for its Pixel devices is a massive success; giving us a chance to try out the latest version of the software is something that most people often miss out on, and now, you do not have to worry about your Pixel Watch either because the company is seemingly reading a Wear OS Beta Program that will target the smartwatches made by Google, and this does point towards the fact that Google is finally taking wearables a lot more seriously.

Google releasing a Wear OS Beta Program for Pixel Watch shows that the company is committed to its wearables

If you head over to, you will see that the page now has "Wear OS Beta Program" listed there, and you also get to see two of the Pixel Watch variants—the one with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and one with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity.

It is worth noting that Wear OS Beta Program for Pixel Watch is still under development because we don't see any sign that the beta is ready. There are some subtle hints aside from the obvious one that Google is indeed working on it, and I am really hoping that it launches in the coming days.

When Google eventually pushes the beta program out for the Pixel Watch, I have a feeling that it will be based on Wear OS 4 because there is very little point in having it roll out for older versions of the update. What this means is that the Wear OS Beta Program could go live when the Pixel Watch 2 debuts later this year alongside the Pixel 8 series, or perhaps earlier than that.

As mentioned before, Google bringing the Wear OS Beta Program for Pixel Watch is a step in teh right direction. It is safe to say that more and more people are interested in Google's smartwatch, considering how we have only gotten one out in the market, with another one coming. The company could have picked a better time to start working on teh new beta program for the smartwatches, and here is hoping that we get our hands on more information as we move closer to the final release.

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