Google (finally) announces the Pixel Watch

Daniel Cooper


Google (finally) announces the Pixel Watch

Google’s Pixel Watch has been in the works for years, and Google’s been quite happy to drop hints about what it’s been cooking up. (Admittedly, having an employee leave a prototype in a restaurant will also help knock some of the wind out of any surprise you may have planned.) Today, however, is the first time that Google has really lifted the lid on its new flagship wearable, and the first time we can see if it can make up for so many false starts in the watch race.

Colors of the Google Pixel Watch


The first thing Google has revealed is that the watch has a domed crystal which looks very bulbous, distinct from many other watches on the market. The benefit of such a domed design is that it makes the bezel looks almost invisible, reducing the clunkiness of the look. In addition, the company has outlined that the watch will be available in black, silver or what appears to be a rose gold finish, all of which can connect to a wide variety of bands, which attach not with the usual lug system, but with an internal set of mounting grooves that resemble a camera lens' locking wheel. And that the Watches are all made with up to 80 percent recycled stainless steel.

#GooglePixelWatch’s band system attaches internally like a camera lens to a camera body, instead of the prominent external lugs of other watches.

Just twist and click to swap between a variety of available bands and transform your look seamlessly ✨

— Made By Google (@madebygoogle) October 6, 2022

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