Google drops Pixel 6 teaser to remind you that iPhone 13 isn't your only choice

Chris Hall


With Apple having set the date for the launch of the next iPhone, Google has dropped a teaser for the Google Pixel 6 - its own smartphone expected to launch in October.

While Apple keeps its future launches a closely guarded secret, Google seems to enjoy telling everyone what to expect, while also giving the company the chance to inject itself into the iPhone hype cycle.

The trailer doesn't really tell us anything new, carrying the message that the Pixel 6 isn't just a smartphone, it's a phone that learns and adapts to you.

This is one area where Google has been putting in a lot of effort over the past few years, pushing device intelligence fuelled by machine learning and AI, above the pure performance of the hardware.

The trailer also picks up styling we expect to see land with Android 12 - which be on the Pixel 6 at launch - but having recently confirmed the final beta version of the mobile software, we're also expecting the final release of Android 12 soon, giving many existing Pixel devices a fresh new look.

The trailer also shows off Tensor, the hardware that's been designed by Google to power the new phone.

Does it tell us something a little more? The date Monday 13 appears in the video, there's also a 9x13 shown a calculator screen in one of the shots too, which could point to something happening on 13 September - the announcement of a Made by Google event? The announcement of the final Android 12 release date?

That's all speculation, but releasing this teaser is a timely reminder that Google still has a phone to launch in 2021.

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