Galaxy S24 To Feature A Display With A Bumped-Up Refresh Rate, Claims Latest Rumor

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Galaxy S24

All Galaxy S23 models that launched earlier this year had a refresh rate capped at 120Hz, and for something that will be in your pocket or hand, this value was acceptable. However, Samsung is rumored to increase that number with the Galaxy S24 launch. Here is by how much.

All Galaxy S23 models could support up to a 144Hz refresh rate

The rumor was reported by Sam Lover, claiming that Samsung will increase the maximum supported refresh rate to 144Hz. Upgrading from a 120Hz display to a 144Hz one will deliver little to no benefit when it comes to smoother scrolling unless Samsung has found a way to increase the touch sample rate of all Galaxy S24 models.

The touch sample rate is different than the refresh rate, but it essentially means that the higher the value, the more responsive your smartphone will be to your touch inputs. The rumor does not state if all Galaxy S24 members presumably launching next year will get this upgrade, but Revegnus may have a better idea of what is to arrive in 2024. In a deleted tweet, the tipster mentions that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature a 144Hz display but does not state if the less expensive versions will be treated to the same technology.

Galaxy S24

Revegnus deleted this tweet, but not before we spotted that he talked about the Galaxy S24 Ultra featuring a 144Hz display

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the only model out of the current lineup to feature an LTPO panel whose refresh rate can go down to as low as 1Hz to save battery. In comparison, the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus have a refresh rate that operates in the 48-120Hz range. If there was an upgrade that we would like to see, it would be switching to LTPO screens for the more affordable Galaxy S24 versions, allowing them to reduce their refresh rate to 1Hz in certain situations.

Unfortunately, this move would mean Samsung would have to potentially increase the pricing of these handsets since mass producing LTPO displays are expensive. For the fourth quarter of 2023, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are rumored to feature Samsung’s M13 displays, giving both devices improved power-efficient properties. We have yet to find out if the same technology will be found in the Galaxy S24 models, but we will update our readers in the coming months.

We believe that upgrading to a 144Hz display from a 120Hz is pointless unless the underlying technology incorporated has significant advantages compared to the panels on the Galaxy S23 lineup. Hopefully, we will get to know about this information soon, so stay tuned.

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