Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Main 200MP Camera Resolution, Single Image Size Details Shared

Omar Sohail


Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Main 200MP Camera Resolution, Single Image Size Details Shared

Samsung is reportedly bringing a 200MP main camera sensor to the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is a huge leap compared to the 108MP unit present on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, one tipster reveals details that the individual image size differences are not all that different from the two cameras.

200MP images from the Galaxy S23 Ultra can consume up to 40MB, depending on various circumstances

Each image snapped from the 200MP of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to have a resolution of 12240 x 16320, according to details shared by Ice Universe. Though the tipster does not reveal where he came across such findings, it is interesting to note that the previous resolution is barely different from an image captured by the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 108MP camera.

For comparison purposes, the 108MP sensor can capture an image up to a resolution of 9000 x 12000, with around 14.21MB of space used. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP sensor can capture images of varying sizes. One image shown by Ice Universe reveals the 12240 x 16320 resolution but with an image size of 20.98MB, while the second one is captured at the exact same resolution but features a size of 37.06MB.

The 200MP photos of Galaxy S23 Ultra are not very large. As far as I know, the volume of daily scene photos is only 20MP~40MP, which is not much larger than 108MP photo.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) January 16, 2023

As such, the tipster believes that the image size will vary between 20MB-40MB. We do not know what compression techniques Samsung is employing to reduce the capacity of each 200MP image significantly, but we certainly hope that for the company’s sake, this does not compromise the image quality.

There are diminishing returns in bringing high-megapixel-count sensors to smartphones because of the smaller housing, which forces companies like Samsung to incorporate tiny sensors. Whether the Korean giant is bringing a 200MP sensor to the Galaxy S23 Ultra as a marketing play or if the upcoming flagship can become the next imaging and video-capturing behemoth, we do not know.

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