Fujifilm’s new GFX100 II medium format camera is smaller, faster, and $2,500 cheaper

Antonio G. Di Benedetto

The Verge

Fujifilm GFX100 II

Camera and lens prices keep going up, but somehow, Fujifilm’s latest medium format mirrorless flagship includes a bunch of new features but costs significantly less than its predecessor. Fujifilm has announced its new GFX100 II camera at its X Summit livestream from Stockholm, Sweden, and in addition to a new sensor, new subject-detecting autofocus, and full-width 4K video, the new camera will have a price of $7,499 when it comes out in the fall, about $2,500 less than the GFX100.

Couple that with a new $2,299 55mm f/1.7 R WR lens (equivalent to a 44mm in full frame) and a pair of tilt-shift 30mm and 110mm lenses ($3,999 and $3,499, respectively) also launching in the fall, and the somewhat dormant GFX line suddenly looks to have some...

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