Fitbit Sleep Profile offers better sleep data for Premium users

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Fitbit Sleep Profile offers better sleep data for Premium users

Can you put a price on a good night’s sleep? Of course, you can and so do lots of companies. Fitbit has long had sleep tracking features in its app, but now, after analyzing 22 billion hours of sleep data, the company thinks its users are interested in understanding even more about their sleep and sleep patterns. Because of this, Fitbit is introducing Sleep Profile as a part of its $9.99 Fitbit Premium service that offers a deeper analysis of your sleep behavior.

Fitbit claims that getting a good night’s rest isn’t as simple as getting a standard seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Using its data, which has been analyzed by various specialists and authorities, Fitbit was able to pinpoint ten different sleep metrics that are essential in promoting a better night’s sleep. Some of the metrics include: sleep schedule variability, time before sound sleep, disrupted sleep, sleep duration, REM sleep, and more.

Sleep Animals

Using the data, users will be provided an ideal range, giving people a better grasp of where they lie within that metric. This will allow users to understand their data at a glance and where improvements might be needed. Fitbit is making things cuter as well, providing users with a designated Sleep Animal. The six animals will be used to show users what kind of sleeper they are.

What Sleep Animal will you be?

Fitbit is able to give accurate assessments by having users wear a FitBit device for at least 14 nights during a month’s period. The more you wear it, the better the data gets. The data will be presented at the end of the month, along with what kind of Sleep Animal you are. Sleep Profile is now available to Premium subscribers using the Fitbit app. Of course, you will also need compatible hardware, which can be any of the following: Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe or Inspire 2. If you’re using the Fitbit Ionic, you might want to reconsider wearing it to bed.

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