First Pixel 8 Camera Leak Gives a Hint About What’s to Come

Furqan Shahid


First Pixel 8 Camera Leak Gives a Hint About What’s to Come

If one thing is synonymous with the Google Pixel phones, it is that the company knows how to nail the photography experience. You can pick a device as old as the discontinued Pixel 3 and take it for a photography spin, and you will realize that the camera system on that phone is still as good as some of the modern flagship phones. With that said, today, we have some news about the Google Pixel 8; the one that should go official sometime next year, and knowing Google, we will hear more and more details.

The Google Pixel 8 will have an upgraded camera sensor with staggered HDR support

Sadly, it is not an official word but based on a reliable leak, we have some information about the primary camera that the Google Pixel 8 will bring to the table.

The best thing about the upcoming Google Pixel 8 is that the camera will support an HDR technique called staggered HDR. For those who don't know, staggered HDR is not a software-based technique, the image sensor needs to support that, and these sensors can output long, medium, and short exposures separately.

Google's 2023 flagship Pixels to include support for staggered HDR - 🧵

— Kuba Wojciechowski⚡ (@Za_Raczke) December 19, 2022

This means that staggered HDR should present better-looking images than Google's HDR+. This means that the sensor is also going to be upgraded. At the time of writing, some Samsung sensors, including the Samsung ISOCELL GN2, support staggered HDR, but we will probably see a newer sensor since the GN2 has been out for some time.

Sadly, all of this is speculation until Google started teasing the upcoming Pixel 8 series, and knowing the company, that day is not going to be that far for anyone of us in the first place.

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