First glossy gaming monitors promise enhanced colors, more reflections

Scharon Harding

Ars Technica

Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz monitor.

Enlarge / Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz monitor. (credit: Eve)

While matte screens produce consistent, glare-resistant images in different lighting environments, glossy alternatives can provide a more vivid, colorful image in the right conditions. You can find glossy screens in everything from TVs to smartphones and general-purpose PC monitors. Glossy gaming monitors, though, haven't been available. A small company called Eve plans to change that by making shiny versions of its two gaming monitors.

On Wednesday, Eve confirmed that it will make a glossy coating option available for two of its three 27-inch gaming monitors, the 4K 144 Hz Spectrum and QHD 280 Hz Spectrum (previously 240 Hz). The company did not confirm a price or release date.

Eve explained the difficulties behind making glossy displays. Despite what you may have seen on Reddit or YouTube, producing a good glossy screen is not as simple as removing a monitor's anti-glare coating. Glossy displays also require changes to the LCD module's polarizer filter, which controls the lightwaves.

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