Fast Pair on Wear OS will let you quickly pair your watch with your headphones

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Fast Pair on Wear OS will let you quickly pair your watch with your headphones

At I/O last year, Google revealed its plans to extend Fast Pair support to more device types, including speakers, Wear OS smartwatches, and cars from select manufacturers. The company followed up with an announcement earlier this year at CES to further bring Fast Pair support to even more products, like Android TVs, Chromebooks, and Matter-enabled smart home devices. Recently, the company shared another update about Fast Pair on Chromebooks, claiming that the feature would reach Chrome OS devices later this summer. Now, a new report reveals that Fast Pair support could soon make its way to Wear OS smartwatches as well.

Google recently updated the June 2022 Google Play System Updates changelog with the following entry under the “Device Connections” section (via 9to5Google):

[Wear OS] Fast Pair on Wear OS to allows previously paired headphones to be discovered and connected to wearables.

The fine print at the bottom of the page adds that the feature will become available through the Google Play services v22.24 update, which started rolling out to users last week. This means that users should be able to connect to previously paired headphones using a Wear OS smartwatch once the update becomes available widely. However, the update hasn’t rolled out to most users yet.

Google could be releasing the feature in preparation for the upcoming Pixel Watch, and it might not show up on other Wear OS smartwatches before Google’s own smartwatch hits the market. The Pixel Watch product page on the Google Store states that the watch will offer Fast Pair support to help users quickly “connect your earbuds, watch, and phone with each other.” However, it doesn’t reveal whether the feature will be available on other Wear OS smartwatches or not. The chances of Google limiting Fast Pair support to the Pixel Watch seem slim, as it will definitely be a useful addition for all Wear OS smartwatches.

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