Facebook introduces new Portal devices, including a new battery powered version

Alex Allegro


Facebook today introduced a new lineup of Portal smart screen devices, and for the first time, the company is selling a fully wireless battery-powered option so you can pick up the 10-inch screen and use it anywhere you’d like - just like a tablet. 

While in 2021, the need for a standalone smart screen that doesn’t function as much more than a fancy video calling unit might seem outdated, the company clearly sees a pathway to market with the device for those who’d prefer to keep their laptop or iPad separate from their virtual conferences. 

The two new products introduced and available for pre-order today are the Portal Go and the Portal+, which come in 10-inch and 14-inch screen sizes, respectively. Currently, battery life estimates on the Portal Go are coming in at around five hours of usage. 

Facebook's new portable Portal Go

As the name implies, only the Portal Go is equipped with a battery, so for the larger Portal+, you’ll need to keep the device fixated in one location in your home or workspace. 

Keeping in line with previous Portals offered by the company, all the units feature a physical cover that’ll mask the ultra-wide 12-megapixel camera to assuage any (justifiably) lingering privacy concerns. 

Of course, with all these Facebook smart screens, tight integration with Messenger and WhatsApp is the killer feature here. However, if you’re more into using Zoom, note that the larger Portal+ can support up to 25 people on the screen at once, which should be nice if big daily office meetings are a normal part of your routine. 

The Portal Go is launching in the United States on 19 October for $199 while the Portal+ will ship on the same day for $349.

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