Dyson just made the amazing Airwrap multi-styler even better

Britta O'Boyle


Dyson just made the amazing Airwrap multi-styler even better

Dyson has announced the next generation of its excellent Airwrap styler, featuring three new attachments that should make styling your hair even more efficient.

The original Dyson Airwrap launched in 2018 but like the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, early adopters don't miss out on the technology advancements Dyson has made, with the three attachments compatible with the first-gen model too and available to buy separately.

The three attachments include Airwrap barrels that allow you to switch the airflow direction between clockwise and anticlockwise by twisting the top of the barrel. Previously you had to switch barrels entirely when you got to the other side of your head, so the new barrels should reduce the styling time and make it easier generally. 


Dyson Airwrap attachments

The new barrels come in 30mm, 40mm, 20mm long, 30mm long and 40mm long options and like the original barrels, they use the Coanda airflow to attract the hair and self-wrap it around the barrel, making curling your hair a breeze.

The second attachment addition is a Coanda smoothing dryer which appears to combine the Airwrap's barrels with the Supersonic Flyaway attachment. The idea is to use it to take your hair from wet to damp in pre-style mode before switching to smoothing mode to hide those flyaway hairs and give your hair a little flick at the ends for a blow dried look. 

Lastly, there are new firm and soft brushes available for the Airwrap with enhanced Coanda airflow that attracts and aligns hair for a smoother and straighter result.

The next generation Dyson Airwrap multi-styler is available from the end of March and will cost £479.99. For those who already own an Airwrap, you can upgrade your set to include the new attachments for £149.99.

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