Dyson Aims to Fix The Biggest Issue With Robot Vacuums

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Each year robot vacuums get better and better, from avoiding furniture or cleaning around shoes and cords, but there’s one common obstacle that remains the biggest problem: stairs. As a result, premium vacuum company Dyson wants to build a robot vacuum that can go up a flight of stairs and clean them simultaneously.

Dyson is known for being a pretty innovative company. It makes everything from high-end vacuums to fancy air conditioners, hairdryers, fans, and even tried to build an electric vehicle. And now, it looks like Dyson wants its vacuum to do what your Roomba can’t.

Dyson robot vacuum going up stairs -- patent

U.K. Intellectual Property Office

Bloomberg recently uncovered a set of patents suggesting the vacuum-maker has spent the last 16 years developing a robot vac that can clean your stairs, wander to the second floor of a home, and potentially even pick up and hold things like cups or clothes on the way. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty amazing to me.

Obviously, a robot that can walk up a set of stairs is no small task, but the company isn’t stopping there. The patents also suggest Dyson wants to create a robot vacuum that can open drawers, essentially giving buyers their own personal maid.

U.K. Intellectual Property Office

The robot hand in Dyson’s patents is certainly interesting and would be a drastic change from the vacuum cleaners we know and use today. Can it put my laundry away? Or while we’re at it, how about bringing a cup of coffee to me upstairs each morning.

More realistically, if Dyson can create a robot vacuum that can go upstairs, hopefully, it can scoot in a chair or straighten a rug while it’s vacuuming, which makes more sense than carrying a cup.

That said, it’s not clear whether this project is something that’s actually coming soon, years away from being manufactured, or just a genius idea that got put on the back burner and won’t ever happen. It’s important to remember that Dyson files for all sorts of crazy patents, so we’ll have to wait and see if this ever hits the ground.

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