Budget Google Pixel 7a leaks with camera details and more shared

Oliver Haslam


Budget Google Pixel 7a leaks with camera details and more shared

Google's Pixel 7a might still be a little way off from being announced but that won't stop the leaks, with camera and other details shared.

While Google only recently released its flagship Pixel 7 Pro and mid-range Pixel 7, there is still room in the lineup for something more affordable. That phone is likely to be the Pixel 7a, but while we aren't expecting it to be official for a few months yet the leaks are already beginning.

The latest comes via leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, with a series of Twitter posts outing all kinds of details. Starting with the camera.

As Wojciechowski points out, we're now fairly sure that the Pixel Lynx (L10) product that has been leaked here and there now isn't the Pixel 7 Ultra as was first thought. In fact, it now looks like Lynx is actually the Pixel 7a, with Wojciechowski pointing to the device's camera drivers and a setup that is called "Pixel 22 Mid-range" compared to the "Pixel 22 Premium" on Google's Pixel 7/Pro. That obviously rules out something sitting atop the Pixel 7 Pro in the lineup and puts the Pixel 7a in play.

Wojciechowski goes on to say that the previously leaked camera setup for Lynx has now changed, with the GN1 lens removed. Now, Google's unannounced phone has a camera system referred to as "l10_wide" (IMX787) and "l10_UW" (IMX712) with no dedicated telephoto lens. For those following along a home, the IMX787 is a notable upgrade for the main camera - the Pixel 6a used the IMX363.

Beyond that, Wojciechowski also points to support for wireless charging while the most notable improvement might be the display.

This was probably the biggest complaint about the 6a, so it's nice to see Google address it.

— Kuba Wojciechowski (@Za_Raczke) November 11, 2022

Citing sources they won't confirm, Wojciechowski says that the Pixel 7a will use a 1080p display from Samsung, complete with a 90Hz refresh rate. That would be another worthy upgrade over last year's Pixel 6a.

This is all promising stuff for anyone waiting for a new budget Pixel before splashing their cash on an upgrade. We still don't know exactly when this thing will be made official, but the Pixel 6a was announced in May 2022, so that might be a window to look forward to next year.

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