BlackBerry Is Dead, But This Phone Could Take Its Place

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BlackBerry Is Dead, But This Phone Could Take Its Place

While the idea of a modern BlackBerry smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard died a long time ago, we’ve seen several brands try to revive it with little luck. However, one company is still making BlackBerry-like devices with physical keyboards, and it has a new phone coming soon.

For those unaware, the death of the BlackBerry is something we’ve seen time and time again. Several years ago, TCL made a few excellent BlackBerry phones like the Keyone, Key2, and a Key2 LE, but that partnership ended in 2020. Then, at one point, OnwardMobility was going to make a high-end 5G BlackBerry, but that project never came to fruition.

And while BlackBerry is dead now, the brand Unihertz could take its place, and it’s getting ready to release an impressive-looking new smartphone that could be the 5G BlackBerry you’ve always wanted.

Something is coming soon…
Just stay tuned!😜

📺 #smartphone #newphone #newarrivals

— Unihertz (@Unihertz) April 7, 2022

Unihertz recently shared a post to Twitter confirming its next phone is “coming soon,” along with a teaser image and video. And while the tweet doesn’t share too many details, we did gather a bit of intel. After increasing the image’s brightness, you can clearly see a large, modern candy bar-style smartphone with a physical keyboard. This is the new Unihertz smartphone.

Considering it’s 2022, we can expect Unihertz’s next phone to have a bigger display than its previous BlackBerry-style phones, more power, plenty of battery life, a QWERTY keyboard, and potentially even 5G. At this point, every flagship phone released lately has 5G, so it makes sense for Unihertz to do the same. If so, this will be the 5G BlackBerry OnwardMobility wanted to make but couldn’t.

The only good “modern” QWERTY phone is the Unihertz TITAN Pocket, but soon it’ll be replaced by the smartphone shown above. Unfortunately, we have no details regarding the specs, screen size, if it’ll have 5G or even a name. That said, there’s a good chance the company could call this the Unihertz TITAN Pro (or the Titan 5G), but we’ll have to wait and see.

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