Beyerdynamic's latest MMX gaming headsets will help you be a champion?

Adrian Willings


Beyerdynamic has revealed its MMX 100 and MMX 150 gaming headsets. These headsets are said to offer a mix of excellent sound, innovative features and superb comfort. 

The features include a Meta Voice microphone (nothing to do with Facebook's Meta name change) which promises a natural voice transmission while minimising annoying background noise. 


The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 is an analogue gaming headset designed for console gamers. Connecting to a controller via an analogue output with 4-pole and a 2x3-pole 3.5 mm jack plug. While the MMX 150 sports an integrated sound card for a tuned sound for gamers that demand the best. 

The headsets included 40mm drivers tuned to deliver a high-resolution sound and a convincing soundscape. Beyerdynamic says this includes precise sound localisation that's perfect for FPS games and a distinct image that works wonderfully for RPGs too. 

The Beyerdynamic MMX 150 is also interesting because it is equipped with the new Augmented Mode. This is a system where sounds in your real-world surroundings are mixed into your audio in real-time so you don't miss out on important noises while still staying immersed in your game. 

Otherwise, both headsets also offer the high-quality design you'd expect from Beyerdynamic. Including a durable aluminium headband, a mix of synthetic leather and memory foam padding on the top and memory foam cushioned earpads too. 

The MMX 100 is available from today for $99.00 and the MMX 150 for $129.00 in the Beyerdynamic online store.

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