BenQ Builds on Its Gaming Projector Lineup With a New 4K LED Model

Andrew Heinzman

Review Geek

The BenQ x3000i 4K gaming projector.


We’ve found that there’s nothing better than gaming on a huge 4K projector, which may explain why BenQ is so adamant about building its gaming projector lineup. The company’s previous offerings, like the HT3550, were an overwhelming success. And later this year, BenQ will push things even further with its X3000i 4K LED gaming projector.

Debuted at CES 2022, the new X3000i projector is optimized for “open-world” games, which is an odd selling point that doesn’t make sense to me or any other writer here at Review Geek. But hey, BenQ claims that this projector is low-latency, sports a high (unspecified) color accuracy, has built-in speakers that don’t suck, and supports a bevy of audio-visual enhancement tools. If that’s what you get with an “open-world” gaming projector, I’m all in.

The 32-inch EX3210U and 34-inch ultrawide EX3410R gaming monitors.


BenQ is also showing off two new gaming monitors, the 32-inch EX3210U and 34-inch ultrawide EX3410R. Both support AMD FreeSync, have a 1ms response time, pack HDRi image enhancement software, and run at 144Hz. The 32-inch EX321OU also has a 4K resolution, while the ultrawide EX3410R is a 2K display.

And to round things out, BenQ is advertising its new ScreenBar Halo monitor lamp, which launched in late 2021. It’s an interesting product that you can adjust using a small wireless dial—sort of like the Wyze lamp.

BenQ hasn’t announced when its new gaming projector or monitors will go on sale. Pricing is also a mystery, though we expect the 4K gaming projector to cost at least $1,400 based on similar products in BenQ’s lineup.

Source: BenQ

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