Belkin to release cable-free wireless charging tech this year

Scharon Harding

Ars Technica

Belkin to release cable-free wireless charging tech this year

For all the "wireless charging" tech available, there are still a lot of power cables slithering throughout homes. Even wireless charging stations require a cord. That's what makes the impending arrival of over-the-air wireless charging, which sends power without a cable or pad, exciting. Thus far, the technology has been limited to commercial uses in the US, but Belkin is expected to release a true wireless charging product for individuals this year.

California-headquartered Belkin offers a variety of consumer tech, including wireless charging stands supporting Apple MagSafe and speakers. On Wednesday, it announced a partnership with Wi-Charge to create consumer products that support over-the-air charging. The Israel-based company says its technology uses infrared beams to send up to 1 W of power to devices within a range of up to 40 feet.

The announcement didn't specify what product Belkin would incorporate Wi-Charge tech, but Ori Mor, chief business officer and co-founder of Wi-Charge, told TechCrunch it would be "a center-stage consumer product" released sometime this year. Mor pointed to Belkin's businesses in charging accessories and smart home and powerline products as areas that would benefit from over-the-air charging.

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