Beats Studio Pro leak points to noise cancelling but no Apple chip

José Adorno


beats studio pro

After iOS 16.4 beta hinted at a new Beats Studio Buds+ earbuds, it seems macOS 13.4 has now revealed another Beats product, this time the Beats Studio Pro. The information was first shared by Twitter user Aaronp613. He said: "macOS 13.4 RC hints at a new 'Beats Headset' with the A model A2924. It will be called Beats Studio Pro."

Then, 9to5Mac exclusively revealed that this product is being developed in partnership with Samuel Ross of A-Cold-Wall. Beats has previously worked with him in past iterations of Beats products. Like the Beats Studio Buds+, this headphone won't feature a custom Apple chip but a Beats processor instead.

That said, don't expect AirPods Max-like features to this headphone. According to the publication, the Beats Studio Pro will have improved Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency mode, USB-C port, and four different colors. Still, since it won't feature a custom Apple chip, such as the H1 or H2, this headphone won't have a fast pair with different Apple devices, nor the Hey Siri voice command.

With these pieces of information in mind, unlike the Beats Solo Pro, which was the first Beats headphone with an Apple touch, the Beats Studio Pro feels like a new iteration of the current Beats Studio3 Wireless, first released in 2017.

The material of this product also looks like an in-between to the old Beats Studio and the Beats Pro lines, although I'd bet that it would have a similar feel to the 2019 Beats Solo Pro but with larger cushions.

It's unclear when this product will be released or how much Beats will charge. That said, we now have two different products for the company to announce: Beats Studio Buds Plus and Beats Studio Pro.

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