Beats Fit Pro official, complete with in-ear fin and ANC

Cam Bunton


Beats has officially announced a new pair of true wireless earbuds offering something of a cross between the Powerbeats launched a couple of years back and Studio Buds that launched earlier this year. 

The idea for the Fit Pro is to offer a small, compact pair of buds (like Studio Buds), but with a secure fit that makes them more practical during exercise. Plus, unlike Powerbeats, these ones have active noise cancelling. 

That secure fit is provided by what Beats calls a wingtip. This flexible fin sticks out of the earbud and grips to the inside of your ear to hold it in place so that you can take the buds running, or to the gym, and they won't fall out. 

The buds are also water resistant to IPX4 rating, which essentially means they're splash proof and should survive if you sweat on them, or you get caught in the rain while out running. 

Beats Fit Pro has ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) too, and there are three listening modes you can make use of with it. You can have ANC switched on to block out external noise, or activate Transparency mode on to hear what's happening around you more clearly. You can also switch both off, and make use of the Adaptive EQ feature. 

Like all of Beats' previous noise cancelling headphones, the Fit Pro can adjust the noise cancelling in real-time, constantly scanning the ambient noise around you and adapting the ANC to work in that environment. 

Beats - being an Apple company - has access to Apple's tech too, and in this instance that means the new buds have the H1 chip inside for easy cross-device switching and pairing. Plus, they're equipped with support for Apple Music's Spatial Audio feature, including the head tracking ability that keeps the music in the some position as you turn your head. 

Fit Pro also has skin-detection sensor to tell when they're in your ears, and then uses these to automatically play and pause music when you insert or remove them. 

As for battery life, Beats claims up to 6 hours of listening time outside of the case when ANC/Transparency modes are switched on, with a further 21 hours in the charging case. With those modes disabled and Adaptive EQ on you'll get 7 hours listening time and 30 hours in the case, giving you up to 37 hours in total. 

Beats Fit Pro is available to buy in the US from 5 November in four colours: Black, White, Sage Grey and Stone Purple, and will cost $199.99. 


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