August's WiFi smart lock drops to $179 at Wellbots

Valentina Palladino


August's WiFi smart lock drops to $179 at Wellbots

August impressed us with its 4th-generation WiFi smart lock, which has a subtle design, an easy installation process and a decent price compared to its competition. However, it's normal price of $230 isn't exactly cheap — but now you can get the smart lock for the best price we've seen by going to Wellbots. The online retailer has the 4th-generation WiFi smart lock for $179 when you use the coupon code ENGADGET20 at checkout.

Buy August WiFi smart lock at Wellbots - $179

August didn't fix what wasn't broken about its smart lock, but it did take the time to add features that make the 4th-generation feel like a substantial upgrade. It's half the size of the previous generation lock and it no longer requires a bridge thanks to its WiFi connectivity. Installation is pretty quick and easy, thanks in part to the helpful video instructions in the August mobile app, and we appreciate that the company forces you to turn on two-factor authentication during setup. It's an extra security measure that's especially important when you're talking about a device that lets people into your home. In addition to two-factor authentication, the lock also uses Bluetooth encryption, AES 128-bit and TLS encryption.

Once installed, the mobile app can act as your digital keys, remotely locking and unlocking your door at any time. This makes it easy to let a friend or family member into your home when necessary even if you're away. You also don't have to forsake your physical keys all together — you can still use them to unlock your door at any time, so even if you forget to replace the smart lock's dual CR123 batteries, you'll still be able to get into your home. Just make sure to check out August's support page to see if your deadbolt is compatible with the smart lock before you buy it.

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