ASUS will unveil the highly-anticipated ROG Phone 6 early next month

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ASUS will unveil the highly-anticipated ROG Phone 6 early next month

Qualcomm recently lifted the covers off its latest flagship chipset — the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. Following the announcement, the company confirmed the names of all the OEMs that will launch devices featuring the new chip over the next few months. One of the OEMs has now announced plans to unveil its next-gen flagship early next month. As the title gave away, we’re talking about ASUS and its highly-anticipated ROG Phone 6.

ASUS has issued a press release confirming that it will host the ROG Phone 6 launch event on July 5. While the company is yet to give us a glimpse of the device, it has revealed some of its hardware specifications. According to the press release, the upcoming ASUS ROG Phone 6 will pack Qualcomm’s latest flagship SoC — the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. The device will also feature an AMOLED display from Samsung, which will offer an impressive 165Hz refresh rate, and a new cooling system to keep the thermals in check.

Talking about the ROG Phone 6’s updated design, ASUS says that the device will sport a new space-inspired look. The company also says that the phone will pack a couple of unique features and come with a substantial ecosystem of accessories for gamers, including headphones. ASUS has also set up an event page on its website, featuring some space-inspired motifs and a button to add the launch event to your calendar.

Leaked ASUS ROG Phone 6 graphic from Android 12 firmware

It’s worth mentioning that while ASUS has not given us a look at the device, we’ve previously seen a graphical representation of the ROG Phone 6 in a recent Android 12 firmware release from ASUS. While the phone seems to follow the same design language as its predecessors, it has a couple of noteworthy changes, including a larger camera module, ROG 06 branding on the back panel, and what looks to be a ROG Vision PMOLED display.

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