Arcade1Up Announces Its First Kids’ Arcade Machines

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Arcade1Up's Pac-Man and Paw Patrol machines for kids.


If you want to re-experience classic arcade games like The Simpsons and NBA Jam on affordable, true-to-life machines, Arcade1Up is the company to throw your money at. But what about the next generation of gamers? To help kids understand the joy of arcade machines, Arcade1Up just announced its first kids’ machines, Pac-Man and PAW Patrol.

The new machines are part of the Arcade1Up Jr. series. Each includes three games, a pint-sized arcade cabinet with an 8-ich monitor, oversized controls, and a kid’s stool. Interestingly, these cabinets have built-in cheats to help kids get through games, like unlimited lives and slow-motion modes.

Pint-sized 'Pac-Man' and 'PAW Patrol' arcade machines for kids are on the way

— Engadget (@engadget) August 24, 2021

Arcade1Up says that its Jr. Pac-Man cabinet also comes with Galaga and Dig-Dug. The special PAW Patrol machine features three unique titles called Chase is in a Race, PAW Patrol: Pups on the Go!, and Paw Patrol Off Duty.

The cabinets are three feet tall and intended for kids aged four to eight. Arcade1Up hopes to sell the Pac-Man machine on October 15th and the PAW Patrol cabinet on November 15th, just in time for Christmas. Both arcade cabinets cost $280 and will be available on the Arcade1Up website or through the company’s retailers (Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc).

Source: Arcade1Up via Engadget

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